About ERO

01.04.2022, updated 12.10.2023
  • Board Office Unit
  • ERO was established in 2001 by the Energy Act, which also sets out its competences.
  • The ERO Board Chairman heads ERO and acts on behalf of ERO. In specified cases, the ERO Board decides. 
  • ERO’s financial management is subject to a distinct title (chapter) of the national budget.
  • ERO’s head office is in Jihlava and it has offices in Ostrava and Prague.

ERO’s powers and remit

What is the scope of ERO’s powers and remit?

  • It controls prices, or, more precisely, the regulated components of energy prices, on which it issues Price Decisions every year.
  • Under the law, it also specifies aid for renewable energy sources in its Price Decisions.
  • It promotes competition in the energy sector.
  • It licenses energy producers and traders and other energy players and subsequently supervises them.
  • It protects consumers in the energy market. It is therefore the right authority to which consumers can resort in case of disputes with their energy supplier/distributor.

Price decisions