Who are my supplier and distributor?

07.10.2022, updated 10.10.2023
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Supplier = Trader

The energy supplier, or trader, buys electricity and/or gas at an exchange and then sells it to us, the consumers. Each customer selects their supplier on their own and can therefore influence the final price that will be billed for their electricity and/or gas consumption. The reason is that each supplier has the right to determine by itself the commercial part, which is not subject to control in any manner, of its price. This is also the reason why there are multiple offers quoting different prices in the market.

The supplier usually also arranges for the contract with the distributor (the customer then has a contract for bundled supply services) who physically transports the energy to customers.

My Supplier 

My supplier is the entity that supplies me with gas and/or electricity, with which I have in place a contract for bundled gas and/or electricity supply services, to which I pay advances, and from which I receive the final gas and/or electricity bill. You can find information about the supplier in your contract and bills.

Distributor = distribution system operator

The energy distributor, or the distribution system operator, physically transports electricity or gas. The distributor does not sell electricity or gas. Suppliers sell energy. Distributors operate as natural monopolies and the Energy Regulatory Office therefore controls the prices for their services.

My distributor

You cannot change your distributor. The distributor is determined by the delineated (served) area. The main distributors include the following:

Supplier of last resort

If your energy supplier discontinues its activities, the supplier of last resort steps in to replace your supplier.

The supplier of last resort is obliged to immediately inform you about starting electricity and/or gas supply to you, the prices, and the terms and conditions of such supply.

You have to enter into a new contract with any supplier or to select a standard product at the supplier of last resort in three months.

My supplier of last resort